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Roger perfectly embodies the balance between the Brazilian creative spirit and the taste of the tradition made in Italy.
Every piece, that takes formlessly in his hands, takes its inspiration from the flavor of the crystalline waters of Bahia, the harmonious flight of the beautiful Amazon fauna, the unbridled dances of the Rio Carnival.
All this process becomes unique  through the choice of one of the most prestigious Italian materials, the “leather”, which is used by him with a careful retrieval of selected pieces.
The identity of Roger’s creations is so expressed in a contemporary tribal style from the strong references of the 1980’s, where the clever asymmetry game blends perfectly with wrap-around and sophisticated lines.

Born in Sao Paulo in Brazil in 1971, he got a degree in Industrial Design at the “Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado” in Sao Paulo in 1995.
Since then he has been working as a craftsman for 10 years, focusing mainly on  jewelery and on the study and realization of “Mosaic” technique.
From 1997 to 2000 he participated as a consultant to the “Note e Anote” television program on the Rede Record national channel and at the same time collaborated with several specialized magazines in the craft industry, gaining day by day greater visibility.
By staying constantly  interested in the most different artistic forms, in 2000 Roger started working as a Designer of Interior in the City of Sao Paulo, pursuing this profession with care and constancy.
Without ever putting away his knowledge and “craftsmanship” , Roger seeks to constantly introduce some of the works created by himself in the realization of the interior projects, so to combine  the passion of the craftsman to the designer’s professionalism.
And it is the profession of designer that keeps him traveling constantly all over the world and in particular in Italy where, visiting the “Salone del Mobile” in Milan,he  has the opportunity to expand his network of knowledge and interests, becoming more and more in touch with legendary made in Italy.
The definitive and crucial passage of Roger’s life comes in 2016 with the acquisition of Italian citizenship, confirmation and crowning of his plan to settle in Europe.
Reaching Italy Roger decides to devote himself entirely to his original passion: craftsmanship, and specifically to the production of a line of jewelery entirely made by him in leather.
He began to collaborate with selected boutiques where his creations soon became famous, completing in an unusual and funny way original and sophisticated outfits.
The step to begin thinking about a real collection is very short, and Roger tries to bring to fruition all his multifaceted creativity, creating a series of necklaces, bracelets and earrings with ethnic recalls and colors of its land of origin.
The jewels, crafted craftily and carefully, become the confirmation and expression of all the past experiences and collaborations, a kind of puzzle in which he puts the memories, the tastes and the smells of a life always lived  with passion, strength, courage and love.


The "Amazonas" series seeks to portray all the colorful immensity and diversity of the Amazonian flora in its wonderful essence.

Roger Canivatto


The dark and deep waters of the river “Rio Negro” created this series, which is characterized by the charm and mystery hidden in its beauty.

Roger Canivatto

Rio Negro

This series is the portrait of the typical and populated Brazilian communities, the "Favelas", which are a wonderful cultural mosaic made up of differences, colors and hope.

Roger Canivatto


The distinctive feature of this series is its particular stripes, like the famous Brazilian Lighthouse of Bahia.

Roger Canivatto

Farol da Barra